Dear Friends,  
I would like to thank Mr.Renjith for organizing this Yoga Teachers Training Course at the new opened Renshi' Fitness Center in Dubai and my Yoga instructor Mr.Shaji who encouraged me to do this Course.
I got great opportunities to enlarge and deepen my knowledge of Yoga that was initially my aim.
The intensive morning practical hours were conducted by our instructor Master Ravindra who showed an individual sense and approach to each student in doing Asanas. Being interested in spiritual jorney I was always curious in the parts of Yoga such as Pranayama, Meditation, Bandhas that unable to cover within one hour normal Yoga class and impossible to learn from the books without practice and teacher's guidance.
All my queries were explained, unclear points were clarified and taught by Master Ravindra. The atmosphere during theoretical classes was friendly and relaxed where we discussed philosophy and different aspects of Yoga.
Yoga is particularly interesting concept because it can be many different things to many people. On one level, it can be an effective form of exercise and a mode for keeping fit, whereas on another level, it can be a spiritual journey. Within 20 days of this Course I learned a lot accepting Yoga as a holistic activity that helps me in my daily life.
All people who had participation in this Course caused me a feeling as if they my soul mates I knew before many years ago.
With gratitude,
Sonya Munbayeva

When I first decided to join the intensive yoga course at Renshi's Fitness Center, I had high expectations. The ensuing 10-20 days far exceeded anything I could have imagined, it has been a profound and life-altering experience. I can not summarize one or two lessons from this incredible opportunity.
The asanas which we did in the mornings were introduced with great care by our instructor, Sri. Ravindraji. He seemed to assess each of our respective abilities and set a goal for us from the start. He allowed each of us to experience our practice without ego, hesitation, or competition. He set the tone with humor and self-examination, he silently encouraged comradery and oneness . He gave us an individualized approach to learning the principles and practices of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, relaxation, concentration, and meditation. He always said that he is still only a practitioner himself, deferring to his masters, while adeptly illustrating poses and gently guiding us on. His approach was so practical that I immediately felt the effects of the asanas that other teachers have only spoken about but were unable to bring about; Ravindra allowed me, with a simple tuning like that of a musician with an instrument, with his great knowledge and experience to enter yoga...finally and blissfully.
Ravindra's knowledge was exceptional as he could answer our endless questions with great patience and vast practice in additon to his impressive formal education. His intuitive ability made me ask another student if he could read my mind as he seemed to anticipate my questions and searching before I even asked. I have found a practicality that is serving me and my family well in the yoga philosophy introduced and examined by our group in a relaxed and approachable way by Ravindra. Upon first glance of the charts and texts in yogic thought, one can feel intimidated and unworthy but Ravindra took us through those waters so painlessly that when our consciousness grasped these teachings, we simply smiled and spent most of the rest of our busy days still smiling.
There are many physical or external benefits that occur with yoga. We age more slowly, our bodies are firmer and more supple, our skin has a nicer glow....but what may ultimately be the determining factor from this course is that my life and my childrens' lives are deeper because of my understanding and practicing of yoga. I owe Ravindraji a lifetime of service and gratitude...but he would humbly never accept it.
Jill Julien

Dear Renjithji,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend so far and enjoy the rest of it.
I would like to thank you for the beautiful experience ,if it was not for you i would have had missed a beautiful chapter of my life.
The YTTC was a way for me to self healing at first and i was just looking for a tool to heal myself and lift my soul form where i was. i learned a lot during the course from all of you beautiful minds.
You with your nice approach and the kind smile that you always have on, thought me kindness, appreciation, friendliness in the simplest way. Thank you for trusting in me to teach at your newly established business and giving me the opportunity to believe in myself the way you could see it.
I am honored to be a member of your group and helpful to those who need our support.
I never got the chance to thank you for your generosity.
About the course itself i believe it was done perfectly the lunch gathering was really a good idea i enjoyed the discussion over lunch.
it made us closer to our goal and led us to unison. there was not much of formality which made it even more real and relaxed so i could be myself without worrying much about the cliché.
Many thanks goes to Hani and kishore for arranging everything and taking care of us.I believe you made a very good choice for the master Ravindra, since his knowledge and guidance was beyond my expectations i learned a lot from him.
Wish you all the very best throughout this journey and hope you could enlighten many more of us.
Kind Regards
Anita Shahinpour
Renshi’s Fitness Centre Dubai
The family fitness studio
Icon Tower #103,
Tecom near Greens, next to Byblos Hotel, (Opposite to internet city, near Metro Station)